Modern Inn, ST. LUCIA

Modern Inn

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(APARTMENT)   Modern Inn , ST. LUCIA

Modern Inn provides an ideal atmosphere of tranquility and a magnificent view of the Choc Bay. We offer fully furnished apartments with cable television, telephone and private balcony. All rooms are air- conditioned with hot and cold water and private shower in double rooms.


sensible - practical - comfortable - homey - traditional - family-oriented - casual - relaxed - natural - unpretentious

APARTMENT,FLAT,Kitchen,(apps),-$-,Air Conditioning,Kitchen,Phone,Television,Family,NoFrills,SMALL,EP,ROOMs=8
Contact/Location Information

Modern Inn is located in Castries, .

PO Box 457, Vide Boutielle, Castries  ST. LUCIA

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Tel: 758 452 4001    Fax: 758 453 7313