Hillside Plaza, ST. LUCIA

Hillside Plaza

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(HOTEL)   Hillside Plaza , ST. LUCIA

Cushioned in a residential area, The Hillside Plaza Guest House allows easy access to to a post office, two supermarkets, health centre and a major Catholic Church. Transportation is the least of your worries because buses by pass the Guest House every 10 minutes.


sensible - practical - comfortable - homey - cute - feminine - traditional - family-oriented - casual - relaxed - natural - unpretentious

HOTELS,-$-,Air Conditioning,GUESTHOUSE,Television,Dining,Family,Local Character,NoFrills,SMALL,EP,ROOMs=30
Contact/Location Information

Hillside Plaza is located in Castries, .

P.O.Box 3016, La Clery, Castries  ST. LUCIA

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